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The book of Acts

The book of Acts is such a wonderful book and I’ve learned so much from reading it.  here are some of my favorite scriptures:

Acts 2:38

“repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.  And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.


They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.


Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord

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Wow, I love the new look.  I’m trying to get this blog thing under control, because I really don’t know what I’m doing.  I haven’t really posted anything because i have so much to do, and my son won’t let me type much.  Ihave  a lot to say and lot of subjects to touch on, but the kids and life have me exhausted.  I wish I could be a blogging mommy like so many of you.  I guest I just have to learn to type under the pressure of a whinny, screaming, forcing me to get off the computer 2 year old.  So, one day soon I hope to be a blogging mommy on a regular basis.

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If you love cooking and you know it clap your hands!

Since I was a kid I’ve loved to cook.  Cooking is my biggest passion, I heart cooking.  I recently came across this blog that have all types of recipes that I love thepioneerwoman.  She have some of the most incredible recipes, food that us Southerners like to eat.  But, anyway to the point, after visiting her site it inspired me to start a foodie site. ( whenever I find the time and really figure out this blogging thing, I’ll do so.)

I have worked as a Chef for 6 years and I lost the passion to cook in a restaurants, but, my love for cooking is still in my heart.  I’ve been wanting to start my own catering service, but just haven’t had the resources or money (or maybe it is fear, which I pray that God will deliver me from), so I was wondering if their is anyone out there who know the business and have any advice on how to get started or any other tips. 

 If you love cooking or you have any suggestion on how to start a business or catering business, holler at me.

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She’s baaack!!!!

okay, so what I haven’t written a post in a month I’ve been busy.  You know how it is kids, work, etc.  Honestly, I haven’t had a desire to write a post because I’ve been dealing with depression, and looking for a new home.  From time to time I have a run in with depression and sometimes I let him get the best of me, but not this time, I’ve conquered depression and he has no part of me anymore, now I can function long enough to write a post, that God I am back.

I’ve also been looking for new home, something bigger (still renting) and I’ve found it, we moved in last weekend and I am still unpacking.  I have to unpack 4 years worth of memories I had stored in the attic.  Memories from when Pk was born and stuff, just a bunch of junk.  I had a yard sale to get rid of  some, but thanks to Faye we were rained on so, most of the stuff may be sold on Craigslist.  Lots of it is brand spanking new and I need some extra cash so, that will help me a lot.

I’ve decided I can’t handle being a WAHM and homeschool so, I sent my daughter to preschool and my son will be off to daycare in a week or so.  The first week of preschool for my daughter was an experience, the first day she loved it, the rest of the days she cried, but whenever Dad take her she’s okay, so may be I am the problem in that situation.

I’ve also started working with a few of the local shelters and charities to fulfill my purpose, that helped me conquer depression dealing with so many people who have way more problems than me, dealing with drug addiction and not having custody of their chidren.  I see I have alot to be thankful for dealing with the volunteer work.  I’ve started a charity drive at three of the shelters here and I’ve gotten everyone I know involved.

So, between kids, work, voluteer work and everything going on in my life, I’ve been too busy to blog but, believe me I do have a lot to talk about, trust me, so, just a heads up I’m back, I’m making my blog a priority and you may get tried of my ramblings.  Looking forward to writting again hope your interested in my topics.

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Lasagna Rolls

My family and I had the most awesome and healthy meal today.  It’s not my own but, I added my own touch to it.  I saw Rachel Ray make lasagna rolls years ago but, I think hers was a little different.  This recipe is also a good way to get the kids to eat their vegetables and its also a quick fix.


1 package whole wheat lasagna pasta

1 lb ground turkey

1 package frozen spinach

1 vidalia onion, chopped

6 garlic cloves, chopped

2 jars classico sundried tomato alfredo sauce

1/2 C parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

pinch of nutmeg

Boil water, add pasta.  saute onions and garlic, add meat, salt and pepper and brown.  drain pasta, don’t rinse.  Add spinach (pinch of nutmeg for spinach), sundried tomatoes, 1/4c of cheese and half jar of alfredo sauce to meat.   Mix until spinach is heated.  Meanwhile, heat remaining sauce in sauce pan.  Then spoon about 1/4c of meat mixture onto lasagna and roll up.  continue until mixture is gone.   place in casserole dish pour alfredo sauce and sprinkle remaining cheese on top and heat place in oven if you like and viola! a quick healthy meal for your family.  Okay, my version isn’t quite healthy, because of the alfredo sauce but you can use marinara or whatever your family like.  Hope you like it.

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I discovered my divine potential!

My journey to living a better life is taking me down a road I’ve never seen before.  I’m a new person.  The Lord has shown me so many different things, people, and places and I thank him for what he is doing in my life and showing me my calling.  I’ve been wondering my whole life, what is my purpose, this weekend I discovered my divine potential.  Here’s how I discovered it: 

I was riding downtown in my city, on every corner I saw a few homeless people and I felt bad for each and every one of them.  I went to a gas station to get directions to were I was going and two men walked up to me and asked if I could by them something to eat, so I gave them money, because I didn’t have time.  As I was driving to my destination I felt the Holy Spirit moving in me, telling me to clean out my refrigerator.  So, I think to myself, clean the refrigerator?  This was stuck on my spirit until I got home and started cleaning the refrigerator, we had so much food and leftovers that I would usually throw away, but this time I thought about all those hungry people downtown (which has never crossed my mind before).  So, I told Dad (baby daddy that is) what I was feeling and we should take the food to all the homeless people, he looked at me pretty strangely and said okay as if he was scared to  say no.  So, to make a long story short we went back downtown as a family and fed as many people we could find that were hungry.  We all felt great doing this, the kids really felt good because they love to help people, they think there is always an award for their good deeds and it is, it’s in heaven.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me about helping others, because I have finally submitted to God, I’ve given my heart to the Lord.

Thank you Father for your revelation and letting the Holy Spirit move through me, Thank you for my family coming together and helping others who can not help themselves, thank you for your divine potential you put in me to do the works of your ministry. 

My heart is so heavy right now with joy.  How can I deny myself to God when he is so wonderful.  Thank you Jesus.  I can’t type anymore I need to meditate.

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The wonderful world of potty trainning

Its time! 

time to potty train that is.  My son Mc is 2 now and I’m ready to stop buying diapers.  It has been so long since I’ve done the potty training thing; my daughter was 16 mos old when I potty trained her, she was so easy.  One Saturday I bought her a pot and training panties and explained the whole ordeal; the following Saturday she was telling me she had to go potty, she’s been potty trained every since ( except for the occasional bed wetting).  Mc, is totally not interested in using the pot.  He’ll tell me he has to go potty, but he won’t use it.  He poops in his diaper and tell me he need a clean diaper, so I know he’s ready.  I’m stuck I don’t really know how to train him, explaining the pot to him doesn’t work like it did for PK.  Dad is working with him, but there’s only so much he could do, he works 12-14 hours a day.  I don’t know what to do, I’ve read books and articles to learn more about it, but nothing is working for him.   All signs show he’s ready, so why won’t he prove that he’s ready.

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Update on night terrors.

Well I spoke with our pediatrician today and she referred us to a sleep specialist to do a sleep study on both kids.  The next opening is in a month, which is too long, but she did recommend some natural sleeping pills called Melatonin to help them sleep better.  I’m gonna do my research on the medicine, if it does not have any harmful ingredients we will see how it works.  Hopefully, it will work, cuz mama got to her beauty sleep.

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Night Terrors. What a mess.

My eyes are puffy and I look terrible this morning because Mc and PK had night terrors last night.  It’s a horrible experience to watch your children act as though they are possesed.  It started with Mc(around midnight) he started screaming while still asleep, I held him, I tried to comfort him, but he was unaware I was there, this episode went on for 15 minutes.  PK (2 a.m) she scream, kicked, and threw punches as if she was fighting for her life for 30 minutes.  It’s a sad thing to experience because there was nothing I could do about it or for them.  We go through this at least twice a week. 

I pray they will grow out of it soon, so I could stop using preparation H under my eyes every morning.

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Being frugal is alright with me!

Today, for the first time in fours year, I went to the Thrift Store.  Since I’m barely employed I’m trying to make sure we keep shelter and food.   Anyway the kids and I go on a trip once a month to Books A Million( they so look forward to this 3 mile trip) and buy four books per person (which amounts to $100 or more sometimes).  The kids are so excited about books. Yey!!! 

Today was Books A Million day, we went to the store and we all were lost in books of interest, until I looked at the prices, than it hit me, I could go to the library and not pay anything (I thought that was genius).  But, I have issues with borrowing things, because I may like it to much and not want to return it, so I only go to the library for special events for the kids.  So, I had another weird idea, to go to the thrift store.  And I did, I paid $20 for ( I lose count ) lots of books, its like a dream come true to me.  I Love the Thrift Store.  I proclaim it to the blogging world. 

Not only did I find books, I found furniture and Christmas decor, I also found the most awesome cookbooks ever, I even found books that I’ve paid $30 for at the book store.  I’m so in love! The thrift store is like the world’s best kept secret, but not really a secret.  I hate looking for what I want, I expect it to be where I look, that’s why I wouldn’t usually shop there, but I don’t care anymore its all about being frugal and saving as much money as I can and the kids still have fun.  

During my journey to living a better life there are many changes I have to make in my world.  The way I cook, eat, shop, live, etc.  I am so excited to make these changes because I’m learning so much becoming more selfless.  Who would have thought I would actually like shopping at the thrift store. (weird)

Blog world, being frugal is alright with me!

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