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If you love cooking and you know it clap your hands!

Since I was a kid I’ve loved to cook.  Cooking is my biggest passion, I heart cooking.  I recently came across this blog that have all types of recipes that I love thepioneerwoman.  She have some of the most incredible recipes, food that us Southerners like to eat.  But, anyway to the point, after visiting her site it inspired me to start a foodie site. ( whenever I find the time and really figure out this blogging thing, I’ll do so.)

I have worked as a Chef for 6 years and I lost the passion to cook in a restaurants, but, my love for cooking is still in my heart.  I’ve been wanting to start my own catering service, but just haven’t had the resources or money (or maybe it is fear, which I pray that God will deliver me from), so I was wondering if their is anyone out there who know the business and have any advice on how to get started or any other tips. 

 If you love cooking or you have any suggestion on how to start a business or catering business, holler at me.



  1. HEY girl! I loooove cooking—and I don’t miss Pioneer Woman for a single day!!

    Why not put a little add in a local paper offering to do holiday baking for people? Draw up a list of as many things as you want to handle (like pies at Thanksgiving time?) and take orders and arrange pick-ups or delivery? It would be just the baking -and you can stop taking orders when you get to a certain level (so you don’t get overwhelmed)–also a deposit with the orders that would be enough to cover the ingredients/foil pans etc. Lots of people want real homemade goodies w/o the effort.

  2. Oh, I so wish I could cook! I don’t have the time or the patience and I always make the same stuff over and over again. Maybe someday (when the kids are all grown up and out), I will devote myself to becoming a stellar chef!

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