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Update on night terrors.

Well I spoke with our pediatrician today and she referred us to a sleep specialist to do a sleep study on both kids.  The next opening is in a month, which is too long, but she did recommend some natural sleeping pills called Melatonin to help them sleep better.  I’m gonna do my research on the medicine, if it does not have any harmful ingredients we will see how it works.  Hopefully, it will work, cuz mama got to her beauty sleep.



  1. Have you tried Melaleuca products? They have RestEZ that helps you sleep. Melaleuca is a great “green” company that is all about less toxic health & wellness. check out my website:

  2. I wandered onto your blog through Danielle’s. I have taken Melatonin myself, and found it to be quite helpful. It didn’t have any side effects (other than SLEEP), and I woke up feeling great. Not drowsy or lethargic. Hope you get some much needed rest and your kids are no longer plagued by night terrors.

  3. believe me, i know how you feel. only it’s not been my kids, but my husband with night terrors (if u wanna see the weird details, see my latest post : )
    hopefully you’ve heard enough about melatonin to try it out. it can leave you groggy in the a.m., but if it does, just cut back your dosage. also, i’ve tried a great little homeopathic pill infused with chamomile & other herbs called “calm”. sure worth a shot, to get some mucho-needed zzzz’s

    ~ chelan

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