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I discovered my divine potential!

My journey to living a better life is taking me down a road I’ve never seen before.  I’m a new person.  The Lord has shown me so many different things, people, and places and I thank him for what he is doing in my life and showing me my calling.  I’ve been wondering my whole life, what is my purpose, this weekend I discovered my divine potential.  Here’s how I discovered it: 

I was riding downtown in my city, on every corner I saw a few homeless people and I felt bad for each and every one of them.  I went to a gas station to get directions to were I was going and two men walked up to me and asked if I could by them something to eat, so I gave them money, because I didn’t have time.  As I was driving to my destination I felt the Holy Spirit moving in me, telling me to clean out my refrigerator.  So, I think to myself, clean the refrigerator?  This was stuck on my spirit until I got home and started cleaning the refrigerator, we had so much food and leftovers that I would usually throw away, but this time I thought about all those hungry people downtown (which has never crossed my mind before).  So, I told Dad (baby daddy that is) what I was feeling and we should take the food to all the homeless people, he looked at me pretty strangely and said okay as if he was scared to  say no.  So, to make a long story short we went back downtown as a family and fed as many people we could find that were hungry.  We all felt great doing this, the kids really felt good because they love to help people, they think there is always an award for their good deeds and it is, it’s in heaven.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me about helping others, because I have finally submitted to God, I’ve given my heart to the Lord.

Thank you Father for your revelation and letting the Holy Spirit move through me, Thank you for my family coming together and helping others who can not help themselves, thank you for your divine potential you put in me to do the works of your ministry. 

My heart is so heavy right now with joy.  How can I deny myself to God when he is so wonderful.  Thank you Jesus.  I can’t type anymore I need to meditate.



  1. praising God with you!

    i’ve noticed when there’s a tug, it’s always a strange feeling & it always urges me out of my comfort zone. i remember about a mo. ago i was in wal mart in line at customer svc & He whispered to my heart “tell the woman helping you that I love her”. well, the next 6 minutes of waiting were kind of exciting & humbling & nerve-racking. she helped me with no eye contact & robot-like comments. but when i was about to walk away, i looked her in the eye & said, “i just wanted to let you know that God really loves you.” i could see how it took her off-guard. she looked up and smiled big and replied, “thank you very much. i really needed to hear that today.”
    i walked out of that store probably how you drove away from the city that day. riding a spiritual high, with the peace of knowing that out of obedience, blessing flows…and some days over~flows into the lives of others.
    even though i don’t know you well, i am proud of you for following His Spirit…and for even recognizing it. lets both keep our ears attentive to His voice and our hands free to serve as He leads.

    yeah, God!!

  2. Amazing!
    I have just felt something similar a few weeks ago about my art.
    That the Lord wants me to use it for Him since he gave me the ability to create.
    I have yet to follow up on it, it needs so much prayer. Wether I donate proceeds or do a class for a womans shelter I am not sure yet.
    This has me motivated though to get on it. Thank you!

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