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She’s baaack!!!!

okay, so what I haven’t written a post in a month I’ve been busy.  You know how it is kids, work, etc.  Honestly, I haven’t had a desire to write a post because I’ve been dealing with depression, and looking for a new home.  From time to time I have a run in with depression and sometimes I let him get the best of me, but not this time, I’ve conquered depression and he has no part of me anymore, now I can function long enough to write a post, that God I am back.

I’ve also been looking for new home, something bigger (still renting) and I’ve found it, we moved in last weekend and I am still unpacking.  I have to unpack 4 years worth of memories I had stored in the attic.  Memories from when Pk was born and stuff, just a bunch of junk.  I had a yard sale to get rid of  some, but thanks to Faye we were rained on so, most of the stuff may be sold on Craigslist.  Lots of it is brand spanking new and I need some extra cash so, that will help me a lot.

I’ve decided I can’t handle being a WAHM and homeschool so, I sent my daughter to preschool and my son will be off to daycare in a week or so.  The first week of preschool for my daughter was an experience, the first day she loved it, the rest of the days she cried, but whenever Dad take her she’s okay, so may be I am the problem in that situation.

I’ve also started working with a few of the local shelters and charities to fulfill my purpose, that helped me conquer depression dealing with so many people who have way more problems than me, dealing with drug addiction and not having custody of their chidren.  I see I have alot to be thankful for dealing with the volunteer work.  I’ve started a charity drive at three of the shelters here and I’ve gotten everyone I know involved.

So, between kids, work, voluteer work and everything going on in my life, I’ve been too busy to blog but, believe me I do have a lot to talk about, trust me, so, just a heads up I’m back, I’m making my blog a priority and you may get tried of my ramblings.  Looking forward to writting again hope your interested in my topics.


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