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Being frugal is alright with me!

Today, for the first time in fours year, I went to the Thrift Store.  Since I’m barely employed I’m trying to make sure we keep shelter and food.   Anyway the kids and I go on a trip once a month to Books A Million( they so look forward to this 3 mile trip) and buy four books per person (which amounts to $100 or more sometimes).  The kids are so excited about books. Yey!!! 

Today was Books A Million day, we went to the store and we all were lost in books of interest, until I looked at the prices, than it hit me, I could go to the library and not pay anything (I thought that was genius).  But, I have issues with borrowing things, because I may like it to much and not want to return it, so I only go to the library for special events for the kids.  So, I had another weird idea, to go to the thrift store.  And I did, I paid $20 for ( I lose count ) lots of books, its like a dream come true to me.  I Love the Thrift Store.  I proclaim it to the blogging world. 

Not only did I find books, I found furniture and Christmas decor, I also found the most awesome cookbooks ever, I even found books that I’ve paid $30 for at the book store.  I’m so in love! The thrift store is like the world’s best kept secret, but not really a secret.  I hate looking for what I want, I expect it to be where I look, that’s why I wouldn’t usually shop there, but I don’t care anymore its all about being frugal and saving as much money as I can and the kids still have fun.  

During my journey to living a better life there are many changes I have to make in my world.  The way I cook, eat, shop, live, etc.  I am so excited to make these changes because I’m learning so much becoming more selfless.  Who would have thought I would actually like shopping at the thrift store. (weird)

Blog world, being frugal is alright with me!



  1. Try consignment shops and mom/children shops. You’ll fnd great bargains there as well.

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