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Night Terrors. What a mess.

My eyes are puffy and I look terrible this morning because Mc and PK had night terrors last night.  It’s a horrible experience to watch your children act as though they are possesed.  It started with Mc(around midnight) he started screaming while still asleep, I held him, I tried to comfort him, but he was unaware I was there, this episode went on for 15 minutes.  PK (2 a.m) she scream, kicked, and threw punches as if she was fighting for her life for 30 minutes.  It’s a sad thing to experience because there was nothing I could do about it or for them.  We go through this at least twice a week. 

I pray they will grow out of it soon, so I could stop using preparation H under my eyes every morning.



  1. THanks for visting my blog. I am so sorry you kids have night terrors!!!! That is such a tough thing to go through, I am no help because my little ones have never gone through that.

    I will be praying for your little ones and you.

  2. I remember when mine went through it. One right after the other. It was terrifying and exhausting. I hope yours outgrow it soon.

  3. That’s really rough-esp when you don’t have help and Mama only has one lap! Maybe your Dr or pediatrician can help. I have a friend who’s Dr gave her some some gentle meds when it got really bad-even HE wasn’t sleeping! It worked for them.

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