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I’m officially a WAHM!!!

I’m so excited! God has blessed me so.  God is so amazing!  Its funny how God operates.   I was put in a situation where I could  not find a job that was flexible enough for me to work, go to school and study, and spend time with my chidren so I’ve been in and out of work since February.   I quite my last job in June and made school and kids my first priority.  God blessed me to be able to pay my bills, feed my children, and keep a roof over our head.  I started teaching my kids at home while unemployed, mainly because I could not afford $1000 a month in childcare (I didn’t want to give someone else the pleasure of spending time with my kids for 8 hours a day).  Teaching at home was a wonderful experience for me and the kids, we bonded more and I developed more patience with them.

Now that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work at home I would like to home school.  I don’t really know if I will have enough time in one day to work 6 to 8 hours a day five days a week.  Homeschool, attend evening classes, have dinner ready by 5 and study, and extra activities for my daughter. 

I’ve came up with a schedule, but when school start for me in the fall there may be a conflict.

Here’s the schedule:

7:00 a.m  wake up.  breakfast

8:00 – 10:00 a.m  Learning time

10 a.m – 12pm    snack, playtime, nap

12:30 p.m  lunch

1-3p.m.  learning time.

3p start dinner

4p playtime with daddy

5p dinner

6p T.V and/ or bath and storytime

7p dad put kids to sleep and I began work until 1a.m.

There’s going to be a big conflict come Fall.  I’m not going to get much sleep.  Someone help me I’m overly excited about working at home and I don’t see how ballet and cheernastics is going to fit or my evening classes. 

My solution is to prepare meals ahead and freeze them, and send them to preschool, but that’s not what I really want.  So, anyone with suggestions on how I can balance out my life, any quick or frozen recipes, tips etc.  please share I do need you.



  1. I like Gideon Matthew! Thanks!

  2. Hi, I don’t think I know you but I found you through my blog stats on WordPress. Are you a professional photographer because Oh My Goodness your photos on Flickr are amazingly gorgeous! Love them!

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