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I love reality T.V!!!

Tonight I was so busy doing everything and I did something that I usually wouldn’t do, that is, sit my children in front of the t.v before bedtime.  I know that wasn’t a smart thing to do, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do something out of the ordinary.  Tonight was the premiere of the new season of Run’s House, which is my favorite show, just because the family is so positive and close(I think they may be the Huxtables of the millineum). 

I put the t.v on MTV and told my children to sit there until I was ready to read them a story.  Their eyes were glued to the television.  I’ve never seen my children so interested in something on t.v other than kid stuff.  They were interested in the new baby and they laughed whenever the baby made a sound or when someone played with the baby.  So I think they were more interested in the baby more so than the show, but I’m so happy this show had them occupied while I fold laundry took out the trash and  do other household things; while they stay up later than usual and distract me from my duties.

I don’t approve of my kids watching alot of t.v, but I think I may record this show on the DVR so next time I need them to come off their natural high this will be the cure.


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