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It’s easy being a Christian. NOT!

I’ve been struggling with Christianity since I was 16 years old.  That’s all because I surround myself with the wrong people.  Everything I do I ask myself ” Will Jesus do this?” but it’s not easy.   I have an issue with fornicating, its not something I’m proud of but I guest it’s a part of life. 

This year I promised myself (not God) that I will not participate in any premarital sex.  The first two weeks of the year were easy until I let my significant other of five years back in my life.  I did something I regret and I was punished for it, but I think that helped me to become stronger towards saying no and standing my ground,  when trying to fight the temptation of sex.   

It’s not easy being Christian if you don’t like following rules like myself.  I like to be free and do as I please.  But life is about following rules rather it is a higher supernatural power or a higer authority in your workplace.  I don’t like the fact that I will be puunished for having sex and I’m not married.  I would like to be able to  give my man the kind of loving I want to give him when I want to give it to him (he should marry me than)haha! and there not be a consequence for our actions. 

It’s so hard when you are surrounded by people who try to influence you to do what they want you to do for their own pleasure and they don’t care about their salvation.

It’s hard when no one in your life want to walk  with Jesus.  It’s hard when everyone in your life live by their own rules and you get a little jealous because they’re commiting every sin there is and they seem to be more blessed than you.  It’s not easy when trying to find yourself in Christ and no one in your life care about who he is or his works.

So what I’m trying to say is, when walking the walk with Jesus, keep motivating people in your life.  The ones that really love him.  Not people who will take advantage of your vulerability.  Life is choice driven.  Choose Jesus and love him as he has loved us.

Peace, Love, and Happiness




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